Advancing Leadership

Organizational success begins with inspiring and capable leadership, both within your staff and on your board. Manus+Co coaches in-place leaders, recruits new leaders, and can provide short-term interim executive leadership for client organizations.

Leadership Development

Management: We help your management team identify their goals and improve their management skills.

Communication: We work with your executive leaders to facilitate a better working dynamic with both their staff and the organization’s board.

Skill Building: We establish a more effective team by developing the skills of current staff members and identifying organizational needs.

Board Enhancement

Recruitment: We assist in identifying individuals who are aligned with your organization’s mission, and work with you to facilitate their inclusion on your board.

Structure: We work with you to clarify and revise your by-laws to reflect the board’s desired roles and current objectives, helping your board find its own path – not only to governing soundly with committee participation, but also to optimizing its contributions to your organization’s strategic success.

Review: We collaborate with your organization’s leaders and board members in developing an effective annual board self-analysis.

Executive Search and Onboarding

The Search: We help you define your requirements, build a strong candidate pool, screen candidates to arrive at a short list, assess final candidates, and provide you with continuous feedback until your organization has the perfect fit.

Onboarding: After an offer has been made and accepted, we work with your organization to accelerate the success of your new leader and his or her team.

Interim Leadership

A skilled interim leader can position an incoming leader for success by keeping the organization productive during the transition.  As a seasoned non-profit and for-profit arts executive, Mara Manus is able to provide the highest caliber of interim executive leadership to Manus+Co clients.