Developing Organizations

We work with your leadership, staff, and board to attend to the needs and challenges of your organization at each stage of its evolution.


Assessment & Capacity Building

Sensitive to the ways in which organizational history informs the present, Manus+Co assesses each area of your non-profit: the functionality and membership of your board, the organization’s structure and staffing, and the current implementation of your programs.  After we discuss our findings, we develop an operating plan designed to chart your organization’s course to sustainable growth.



Systems: We identify the data and systems needed to support optimal reporting and decision-making.

Communications: We specify the content and channels that will be critical to delivering your organization’s message and outline the elements of a successfully executed project plan.

Growth Strategy: We help you define your organization’s goals and determine the elements needed to achieve those goals—both internally with your staff, board and infrastructure, and externally with your stakeholders.



Roles and Responsibilities: We help clarify group goals, expectations of individual roles, and division of responsibilities to achieve the highest level of team synergy.

Organizational Structure: We counsel your board, management, and existing staff on ways to establish an efficient and more effective chain of command.



Scaling: We assess the potential for smart growth in specific programs and outline a timetable for change that takes into account the potential benefits and costs of different scaling models.

New Programs: We ensure that new programs are in alignment with your organization’s mission and current operations, and assist you with the development of strategic performance measurement.

Partnerships: We work with you to identify potential partners, develop a strategic approach to establishing those partnerships, and insure that the structure of the partnership results in savings to your organization, improved operating efficiency, and the expanded accomplishment of your mission.